Saturday, February 6, 2010

My MS Interview

5th Feb 2010

Its my dream day of my life..
For every single moment of pain..For every single second of effort ....For every single thought of mine ...For every single step in my world...
This was the day...
Yes it was MICROSOFT in my campus...
During the last few months i thought this is not going to happen in our campus...
But i thank my college and the team atleast to give us a chance to prove ourself...
I wanted to break the suspence first itself to my readers...
:( :( :(
Hope u will understand...
Yes I dint get through...:(
But i learnt sumthing today...
A small modification to "Slow and steady wins the race"...:(

But still i wanted to post this day of mine...
May be for someone in future it will be usefull for them to learn from my MISTAKE

So here is my day...UNLUCKY DAY..:(

Location : Tirupur
Time :Morning 5:30
(I couldn't sleep all my night because something big which i thought wont happen is going to happen the next day)

So done my preparation and started out to my college to coimbatore by 6.15
(A hell dark morning other go i need to step out because its not just today..its nearly goning to be 4 yrs that i started like this 1.30 hrs of travel to my college)

And the very special thing about today in our city was ...
There was a huge accident on National Highway..A fully loaded gas truck met an accident and the full Highway was blocked so this time i have to travel through a differnt risky route..
(**Tamil: Ennaku nu ellam nadakuthulla..:) simply called fate..**)

And yeah i reached my college by 7:30...
PPT was announced to be started by 7.45..
MS people were here in campus by 8.10..
PPT was about more than an hour time (actually i dont know how my seconds were flying)

And yes the written started and was about 45 min and 4 questions and here it is

1) One was a recursive function and we were asked to find the output of the function calls..
2) Merging of two sorted singly linkedlist..
3) Given a program i need to find the output and the operation for what its used..
4) Design of application store..

So it was 10.30 and i was chatting with my friends then asusual messages..
I should definetly thank my friend preethi...she was really encouraging me that time...
And then the results were out by 12.30 i suppose..
Now 11 were shortlisted and was happy to find my name there in that list...

Then sharp 2 pm interview round started ..

Round 1:
Mering of two sorted array...With a special case...
Actually all of us who aere shortlisted thought of different ideas and we were proceeding with our own clicks but then one of the team guy gave us a clue for solving it ...
It was nice and i did it...
I was sure i will get through to my next..(with a little fear because its MS anything might happen)
And yeah i was through it...

Round 2:
It started well , i was really relaxed...
I had 3 questions in this round..
1) A few discussions regarding virtual memory...
2) Coding with lots of test cases for string reversal of a given sentence..
3) Algorithm to perform File Compression with very small ~ zero space...
Actually the last question was going to decide if am qualified to move to the next round...
I started with tree to linklist then back to a logic within the source file with a big process...and finally yeah i felt i made him feel what he wants a perfect logic to do that with no extra data structure..compression within the source file..

Warning :Herecomes the HR with a warning statement for me...
She said she is hearing negative feedbacks ( I was really shocked because i know i did right )
She asked me to stay cool (may be i was lookin nervous for them...but i turned nervous only after hearing this)
I thought i am chucked..but then they gave me a next chance to 3rd round...

Round 3:
I dint know this round is going to break all my dreams...
With my HR's feedback in my mind..
I entered my cabin ...
I was asked to develope a code to perform MS Excel problem of string to date conversion with all the test cases specified...
I felt i did it right to the satisfaction of my interviewer...
I was taken to the general conference room where we were waiting for my other friends..
It was 8.30 pm and my HR was like u have to travel more than an hour na so u may leave...
yeah am CHUCKED

Its al the end of my day ..travelling through a dark night...only gal in my bus...loaded with crashed dreams in my heart...

End of my day + End of my chance

Special Thanks my dear friend Aishu ..


Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Day b4 Diwali..:)

After a long break am back blogging...wid just nothing in my minds wen i started planning to post, just one thing stroke my minds n yeah as my title says ...To start wid yeah ofcourse a little bit interesting part of my day...Asusual i went out for shopping wid my dad to my fav shop "Adhai vida mela aasai adharku mella.;-)" Shridevi...

I really had a gr8 experience today..Actually i was waiting for my dad near the counter when i was just observing the people there i really saw a cute incident..:)it relly moved close by my heart..I saw a mom (was dressed up wid casual wear ,a typical home maker ) n her son (>30 he was dressed up in western style) . Tat guy was pulling his mom to the silk sari section and he told tis words to her " Vaa amma naaa vangitherran nee enn panatha pakuraa , naa sambathikurran maa unnakagha " and his mom replied , "illa pa veddam pa..ennaku ethuku iivvallo costlyah ellam nu "

For a second tears crossed my eyes , a really sweet mom n son..:)
I then realised that my first children are my mom n my dad..:)

Then v started bck home , really found difficult to get a seat in bus ,At last yeah got one happy corner seat near window was really tired tat evening after walking al the way in cross cut street ...

I really dunno wat God wants to show me that day...hmmm ...
It was a 3 seat coach , myself ,a small girl of around 12 yrs old-hindu n a gal of abt 16-18 christian (name jenifer) were seating together... n as usual i was wid my phone messaging my frnds n enjoyed the evening breeze sitting near the corner window...

After sometime jenifer started talking wid that little gal..she started narrating sum good stories al to her...she was guiding her with lots actually loads of advice wid care...She really inspired me wid her talk ... she was motivating that gal wid her passion to become a teacher ..the respect she shows for our soldiers n etc etc..
really inspired..

I was just observing that , i dint speak even a word to her... i think i shud ve done tat...

hmmm a really wonderful day wid cute experience...:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

STATUS OF INDIAN GIRLS - sometime its care n sometime its pressure

This topic was not just a statement its a kind of experience tat every Indian gal will face in atleast one part of her life.Many talented girls r still remaining dumb unexplored just because they r not given the moral support.I just got to hear this sentence from many tat "God cannot stay with each one of us so he created mom to stay with u n all are not blessed to have moral guru's in their life so he created your father to guide u " . But still i feel this statements will hold true for just 10 percent of the billions and millions. Many talented gals are still unable to get their way to fly up to sky just because their hands r held tight into their parent's hands. Sometime it might seem to be care but !!! sometime its a pressure to their mind .I got to know tat in Western culture , everyone who crossed the teen part of their life will have to make n move ahead with their rest of their life. But Indian children r really lucky under this because the care and the financial support that we get are really proving that Indians are lucky but still the sad of this is tat WHY is tat many Indian Parents don't accept tat Girls are equally talented and are also born to achieve something in their part.

I feel tat the real success of our country is only when every Indian girl gets her basic level of education , and when the tight hands of their parents turn to be a supportive and guiding touch else whatever the technology booms to be or the financial status of the country raises to be, still the darker part of the country will remain unlighted.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Its Time To Thank Lord!!

I know tat many do think am really jobless to start a post on this

topic,but it really feels hard to find people in life who are not

yours but changed yourself and your life .Yes, i meant my friends and

my society.If its God who gave me life and blessed me with many

such friends , am really thankful to my Lord.Certain people will

just touch your life and move ahead fast like breeze ,u can find

many such in your daily life ,right from a ten year old newspaper

distributing guy to many other people who teaches you what life

actually is .When i see such small kids doing such work to support their

family , i really stop myself for a moment and pray in my heart

"thank you lord for blessing me with such caring people around me,

and please help that little child to get enough mental strength"

This was the only statement i was able to tell when i meet such

situation.But now i feel i should change myself.I feel very

strongly that i should do something for this.The only idea that clicks

my mind is that ,yes i should sponsor for at least one child for his

/her academics once i reach a stable stage in my life.i hope that

day is charging closer.For now,i thank you lord for all your

blessings,my family and my friends and for the few experiences i

learnt .Thank you!! .

Thursday, May 14, 2009
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Its really a great deepzoom project . Just check out this link n then continue to read to it .Here is a small help to chk out me on this chain. Click on the South Asia Link on the world image map. now click on to the alpha link of S-Z ,now check out the third zoom over the first grid , and yeah u finally got myself on this chain.

Its really a cool work .Thanks to the team , great job :).

The MSP photochain is the result of a massive effort of photo collection around the world from o MSPs, to showcase the many faces of the real people who make the MSP program a success! The photochain was developed in DeepZoom and Microsoft Tag .

Waiting for more..;-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Boot Camp To IDC

Simply to say it was awe awe awe awesome..!!!
I had really a very g8 experience...With loads of Technical n fun events v enjoyed...
Mar 6th: It was around 3 i reported 2 te hotel -EllaSuites .Our shuttle was ready 2 tak us 2 te office by 4. Wen i reached near IDC i couldnt believe in myself tat it appeared 2 me like a dreamworld of mine...Yes ...but stil my heart was a bid in hyper cz of the announced test...n i was able 2 find the same in many MSP faces so tat v wer nt able to ve a very comfortable introduction timing...Mr.Siddharth Prakash and Mr Mohammed Reza were giving up te introduction session of the boot camp ...and the test was started around 6 ....Finally after the test got over around 7 .Meanwhile the 2nd yr n final yr MSP's were performing a Ad -competition ...then v had our dinner at the office n v reported back 2 our rooms...I stil couldnt believe tat i spent a whole evening ter in IDC...
Mar 7th: A techie day...Full of technical stuffs...v reached office by 8 ....v had a good breakfast n around 9 the day started wid Mr.Fias session on Business Intelligence ,it a really i just remember now is the burger term he told us:)...the next intresting session was on Windows was really intersting n the cool demos were created in a very short span made te session very useful n informative....v had a lunch break of about an hr....and te next session was on Web Application Security ....v got to know about the secure methods of programming web appllications n the different techniques to be followed to do it..n next comes te session on Live Mesh...we got a basic idea of the useful characteristic features of Live mesh and Windows Azure. Last session of the hyper day was on Windows 7 by Siddharth ,he made us know certain more technical features of it...n finally a short session on IE 8 by Reza ...v had our dinner n shuttled back to our hotel...
Mar 8th: Last day of my boot camp...V had our feedback session in the morning for few min...followed by demo sessions by MSP's...Robotics demo by Srikanth and on Mashup by Masoom.... v had our lunch ....n ya its time bid bye to my dream place was reallly a wonderful time in tat campus tat il b everlasting in my mind forever n evr...
And ofcourse i should mention tis!!! it was really a g8 to meet al my fellow MSP's...sweet memory...:)